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The Workshop on Integral Equations and Matrix Theory: Symbolic-Numeric Treatments (WIEMT2017) will be held in  the Faculty of Mathematics at K. N. Toosi University of Technology, Tehran -  Iran on  November 29-30, 2017

The Program of the workshop is now available from HERE.
This 2-day workshop, mainly supported by the office of Vice-Chancellor for Global Strategies and International Affairs at K. N. Toosi Univ.  of  Tech., will bring together mathematicians, graduate students and post-doctoral researchers to address a variety of symbolic-numeric issues at the cross-section between linear algebra and operator equations. 
The workshop is mainly geared toward topics such as integral equations, orthogonal polynomials and their applications, integral-algebraic equations, operational matrices, matrix polynomials theory and differential-algebraic equations.  It is an excellent opportunity for research training and idea exchanges. 
We especially welcome researchers and graduate students who want to get exposed to new ideas on the analysis and numerical solution of operator equations and their applications. 
The workshop consists of Six 1-hour presentations and a panel discussion on "Successful Research Strategies in Mathematical Sciences".

Some main topics of the  panel discussion  are as follows:

•    Choosing appropriately and completing Ph.D. dissertation topics and work.
•    Motivation for conducting research in mathematics.
•    Becoming a good math researcher.
•    The foresight of some current research fields in computational math.

Address: Faculty  of Mathematics,
K. N. Toosi University of Technology,
Hakimieh, Tehran, Iran
Tel:  +98 - 021 - 77 12 53 65 
Fax: +98 - 021 - 77 12 52 91 

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